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Zailyisky Alatau envelops the southern ridge of the city in all its majesty…

With all its positive features, unique architectural language, sophisticated landscape design and balanced structure, Nef UPTOWN will create an eco-friendly and innovative design example not only for the city of Almaty but also for a much wider geography and will introduce a fresh and quality perspective to new investments.

Residential Units


Indoor Space

132.099 m2

Retail Space

6.802 m2



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Nef has been shaping real estate market since 2010 with its focus on design excellence, client satisfaction and build quality. Since 2010, Nef has developed more than 37 spectacular projects, with 95% client satisfaction. For its outstanding work and contribution, Nef has been recognized with more than 60 awards globally. Nef is also the global partner of Galatasaray Football Club and has been the regional partner of FC Barcelona for the period of 2017-2019.

The company is currently focusing on developing its pipeline projects and delivering, expanding its knowledge in the field in a global scale. Nef has taken significant steps toward becoming a global brand with its developed and planned projects in New York, London, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

The Nef promise is to create projects that allow the individual to grow through a modern, luxury lifestyle, while being part of a vibrant, dynamic and fulfilling community, both within the development and in its wider location.



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The Pearl of the Southern Capital

Inspired by the natural makeup of its surroundings, the spread out mass composition created for the Nef UPTOWN project reaches out towards these lofty mountains, which are also one of the important symbols of Almaty, in an effort to capture their endless sculpturesque horizontal silhouette. The lush greenery, which dominates this part of the city, permeates the entire project area as a signature design element and breathes life into the traffic-free land. Defined by earthy colors and textures, the unique fragmented masses of an all-low-rise building setup carefully make room for useful spaces around them.



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